Ninfield C of E Primary School

Diocese of Chichester Academy Trust

Our Vision

Ninfield CE Primary School develop pupils to be the very best they can be; as Jesus teaches through the Parable of The Sower, we all have unique abilities that can be nurtured and grown. We provide the opportunities and relationships, challenges and support to ensure all members of our community grow to fulfil their highest potential. By setting the conditions for all to thrive, we develop the seeds of talent and ambition.

Rooted in Jesus’ love and example, all members of the Ninfield family have a shared aspiration for our community:

Our children have chosen the following Christian values as those central to helping us to live out our vision:



The Parable of the Sower provides the foundation for our school vision: like the sower, we are trying to establish the conditions our children need to flourish.


We hope that our children are always GROWING, in their education, in their relationships, in their skills and their unique talents.


We hope that our children are consistently LOVING in their outlook towards those around them, both those in their lives and those who they do not know but recognise their responsibility as advocates towards.


We hope that our children are on a journey of LEARNING, about themselves, about the world they see and that which is far from their own lives, about what it means to be human and their own understanding of faith. In doing this, we hope to instil a love of learning that is lifelong.


We hope that this will always be done TOGETHER, for at the heart of all we do is the community we serve and the shared sense of belonging that unites us; like St Paul's words in Corinthians, we are many parts of one body.