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Hello and welcome to our class page!


 Term 6


This term Butterflies enquiry question for geography is:

What is it like to live in Shanghai? 

We will be looking at our local area and going on a fieldwork study of Ninfield Village, trying to identify human and physical features. We will then locate where Shanghai is in the world and think about the physical and humans features of this location. The children will then have a chance to compare some similarities and differences between Shanghai and Ninfield.

Term 6 Topic Map


For anyone who was unable to make the 'Meet the Teacher' meeting in September, please find a copy of the slides below. If you have any further questions, please do ask. 

Meet The Teacher



Please continue to practice your fluency skills on Numbots. You can also use the same login details for Times Table Rockstars. At the end of Year 2, children need to be able to quickly recall the times tables and corresponding division facts for their 2, 5 and 10 times tables. Remember you need to score over 120 points each week (from Thursday to Thursday) to get a Golden Ticket. The top 3 point scorers will also have their 'Rockstar' photograph added to the display board in school and will receive a certificate. 

Login details for TTRockstars and Purple Mash have been sent home on a laminated card for you to keep at home.

TTRockstars Numbots



Please continue to read daily with your child and sign their reading record. It is so important to read regularly and build fluency when reading. If your child reads for 5 consecutive days, their name will go into a pot with a chance of being drawn out and having juice and biscuits with Mr Getty on a Wednesday. 



Please encourage your child to apply their phonics when spelling unfamiliar words. Below is a copy of the phonics mats we use in class to support their application of Phase 3 and Phase 5 sounds. Also attached are the Year 1 and 2 Common Exception Words. By the end of Key Stage 1 they should be able to read and spell most of these words. 

Phase 3 and 5 Phonics MatYear 1 and 2 Common Exception Words


Term 1


This term Butterflies enquiry question for geography is:

Why does it matter where my food comes from? 

We will be exploring dairy farms and how the milk from the farm is used to make many other products. The children will also explore where in the UK most dairy farms are located and the reasons why. Through this topic, children will also learn about different farms and where our food comes from.  

Term 1 Topic Map

Term 2


This term Butterflies enquiry question for history is:

What was the cause of the Great Fire of London and how did it change in the aftermath? 

We will look at evidence and become historians to try to piece together the events of the Great Fire of London. The children will learn about why it is called a 'great' fire, how the fire was finally put out and what happened afterwards to all the people who had lost their homes. They will discover how London was rebuilt to make it safer, should this happen again and they will compare firefighters today with what it was like in 1666. 

Topic Map Term 2


 Term 3


This term Butterflies enquiry question for history is:

What evidence can we use to understand the expedition to the Antarctic?

The children will learn that Captain Robert Falcon Scott was the first British explorer to reach the South Pole and explore Antarctica extensively by land in the early 1900s. 

The children will use a range of photographs to help them piece together the events that took place and allow the children to ask historical questions. They will also start to reason and explain why they think Scott didn't reach the South Pole first, if he could have done anything differently and how he might have felt. 

Term 3 Topic Map


Term 4


This term Butterflies enquiry question for geography is:

Would you prefer to live in hot or cold places?

We will recap our learning about the seven continents and start to identify the equator and the poles on a globe and maps. The children will start to understand the difference in weather in these parts and start to explore what it is like to live in a hot or cold place. 

Term 4 Topic Map


Term 5


This term Butterflies enquiry question for history is:

Why did Delia buy a new hat? 

We will be looking at what Britain was like in 1912 and using different hats to tell us about the different classes of the time. We will then use sources of evidence to find out about why Delia bought a new hat and where she was going. After that the children will explore the events of the Titanic and the reasons for its tragic end. 

Topic Map Term 5